A few tricks go a long way

Hi all

Two weeks ago I outlined how a Double Dissolution election would pan out using Above the Line votes from Queensland. The analysis concluded that there would be five LNP senators; three from Labor; and one each from Palmer United, the Greens and the Fishing & Lifestyle Party.

However, this excludes the votes of the 78528 people — including myself — who voted below the line.

When I started trying to transform the data provided by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) I thought it would take me about a month to complete. This was by going ballot to ballot to see if and where the particular ballot ceased being counted and remove subsequent preferences.

Last night however, I found a spreadsheet formula that I ended up using to speed the process right up. The formula — which I used for all bar the first preference of each ballot — being something like =IF(AND(B7B8,F6""),A7,""). This particular formula is for preference 7 of ballot 10 of batch 367.

For those interested, the full count renders the same results as stated above. I’ve made the count data and the ballot data available for download.


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