A critique of Half Sentences (prank)

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Half Sentences (prank) by Debonair Fox
My reaction video

I’ve just finished watching a video called Half Sentences (prank).

On initial watching it seems to be a “what the bloody hell is going on here” type of video. This is where it draws it’s comedy value.

It is definitely one that fits the short form of video. This video could possibly go to five minutes but anything beyond that would be a waste.

I wondered while watching this what the other people were thinking. I also wondered which city it was in. The producers Twitter account says Brisbane.

Checkout the video and my initial reaction to the right of this post and enjoy.


Pirated an indie film? Swing the makers a few dollars

Hi all

Chris Sun's rant against piracy

You may or may not seen it yet but Sunshine Coast based filmmaker Chris Sun uploaded a rant video on the issue of piracy. In particular he discusses the piracy of his films.

I’m not going to give the video any for of blow for blow description here – if embed the video in this post.

However, I will say this. I do support the idea of paying indie film makers for their efforts. Whether you buy it from a store, see it in a cinema or some other way, the film needs to be paid for.

Even though I’ve uploaded my films to YouTube – making them free to view – I enabled ads so they can be monetised.

Enough from me. Watch Chris’ video. Litsen to what he has to say. If you pirated the film, swing him a few dollars.

Wikinews ArbCom election all over for another year

Update: The results for the Wikinews ArbCom election were posted in the past few minutes. They can be found over on Wikinews

Hi all
Voting was closed this morning for electing the Arbitration Committee (ArbCom) for the English language Wikinews. No votes were added since last night. The members of the Election committee will hopefully consider ratifying the result. This is usually a no surprises ratification with the result already known.

Wikinews ArbComm election wrapping up

Hi all

The English language Wikinews Arbitration Committee (ArbCom) election comes to an end at eight o’clock tonight UTC. That’ll be six tomorrow morning my time.

Wikinews uses support only approval voting to elect its ArBCom. The votes so far submitted, if rendered in ballot file format, would look like;

6 6
1 2 3 4 5 6 0
1 1 2 4 5 6 0
1 1 2 3 4 5 0
"William S. Saturn"
"Pi Zero"
"Wikinews ArbComm 2015/16"

As I pointed out in an earlier post, voting in this election is a moot point as there are six candidates seeking six spots.

Essay: Internet regulation

This essay was submitted as a university assignment for the unit CMN102 Communication Theory and Practice in October 2014.

The internet should not be regulated in any form as it would inhibit the freedom of users to communicate their ideas and actively consume the ideas of others. While it is certainly controversial, internet regulation has a net negative effect on society. This essay uses communication theories to explain why regulating the internet is would be detrimental. Firstly Muted group theory attempts to explain how the communication of non-dominate cultural groups would be unduly interfered with if the internet was regulated. Secondly, Technological Determinism states that technology shapes how people think, produce ideas and communicate with others. Regulating the internet would control what technologies people may use without thought of individual preferences. Finally, Rules Theory discusses how people understand communication based on cultural background. These theories help explain why internet regulation would have a negative effect on society.

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