Sunshine Coast Cricket Association Twenty20 videos

Hi all

Over the weekend I filmed some of the Sunshine Coast Cricket Association Twenty20 games played at Yandina. I’ve upload the videos to YouTube and compiled them into a playlist. You can watch it below or play it at YouTube.


Does the market want more local content?

Hi all

I’m currently doing a survey on Survey Monkey on the subject of television consumption. One of the questions I’ve asked is “Would you like to more content produced in your local area?”

42 percent of those who responded gave a definite yes. Another 40% said maybe. The remaining 18 percent said no.

The market wants more local content.
The market wants more local content.

I would interpret this as saying there is a market for more content. The question now would be how the content distributors would monetise the content.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Should we tell them?: YouTube ad blocker in the Google store

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I’ve just done a search for “youtube ads” and Google lists a Chrome add-on called Adblock for YouTube. Google itself owns both the Chrome web browser and YouTube.

So my question is why does Google list an add-on that will cost it money? Do they think they have enough money already? What about the content creators that rely on there cut of the ad revenue?

Libspill: Why so long?

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I think the Liberals are going over the rules for the leadership spill then voting. I’m expecting the result to be announced any moment now. I haven’t seen or heard anything to change my thinking that Turnbull will win.

ABC News 24 ran a quote from one of the whips saying he feels sorry for Andrew Hastie. It will be interesting to see hast this spill will effect the by-election.

Libspill: I’m giving them 15 to 20 minutes

Hi all

The Liberal Party MPs and senators are inside the spill meeting. I’m expecting them to take between 15 to 20 minutes.

As to the result, I think Malcolm Turnbull will win the ballot. This will mean that Australia effectively has a new Prime Minister.

I’m witnessing the Libspill via ABC News 24. The media look like they are lined up for a big announcement – hopefully that’s what they get. An Abbott win would be a bit anticlimactic.