Who did Queenslands below the line voters elect?

Hi all

I’ve just run put the Below the Line votes from the last senate election in Queensland through OpenSTV.

The results from this render are very different to the official results.

The official results are;

  2. Chris KETTER
  3. James McGRATH
  4. Glenn LAZARUS
  5. Claire MOORE
  6. Matthew CANAVAN

The results from the Below the Line render;

  1. Adam STONE (Greens) — Round 1
  2. Chris KETTER (Labor) — Round 1
  3. Ian MACDONALD (Liberal National) — Round 61
  4. Glenn LAZARUS (Palmer United) — Round 78
  5. Sandra BAYLEY (Greens) — Round 80
  6. James BLUNDELL (Katter’s Australian) — Round 80

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