Fine Brothers losing subscribers over trademark goof

Hi all

If you’ve been surfing around on YouTube – or Google in general – over the past day or so you may have noticed that a channel by the name of Fine Brothers Entertainment has been losing tens of thousands of subscribers.The loss in subs is related to their React World proposal. The proposal has been panned on Twitter (see #unsubthefinebros) and the YouTube channels that I regularly watch (see Boogie2988, MundaneMatt and ReviewTechUSA).

The content the Fine Brothers produce is reaction videos. They show a series of individuals reacting to a handful of viral videos one at a time. It is this reaction style and the the use of the work react that they are seeking to trademark.

As Techly points out these types of videos have been around since before the Fine Brothers arived on YouTube.

At the time of this post the Fine Brothers Entertainment channel is down to about 13,936,000 having started at the day at about 14,018,239. I’m following the count at

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