CMN150 Visual Journalism

Composition and Angles

Improved conditions have allowed beach goers a chance to take their artistic ideas to the sea. The Sunshine Coast’s beaches have many shells, and other objects that could be used as decorations for sand castles. Many tourists, as well as locals, construct these things as an amusement for themselves and others.

The photographs shows a persons hand placing a decoration on a sand structure. The intersection of arm and the structure is located at the junction of the photo’s left and bottom third lines.

The arm gives a visual line to the top of the image. This draws the attention to the background details. The shape of the structure takes attention out towards the ocean with the shadows created by the decorator taking the attention out of shot at the bottom left corner.

The space to the top right of the image and the rotation of the hand draw attention out to sea.


Daylight savings not have saved the end of the first days play between the Sunshine Coast Scorchers and University of Queensland. Many businesses argue that winding the clocks forward in line with other states would bring increased productivity and lower costs. Queensland’s weather may conspire against that idea.

This image shows a large rain cloud baring down on a game of cricket. It is being used to show how an extra hour of sunlight may be negated by heavy cloud cover.

The action is contained within the upper and bottom thirds. The trees running across the middle of the image act as a separation between the action on the ground and the clouds in the sky.

The shade of grey in the clouds gives the impression that the clouds would absorb much of the suns light nullifying the extra hour at the end of the day.


Taking two phone calls at once is all in a day’s work for Gail Gardiner. Organising the allocation of teams into divisions, getting the fixtures ready, and generally communicating things between clubs and the Sunshine Coast Cricket Association committee are amongst the many things undertaken by the SCCA Administrator. The Sunshine Coast club season begins September 24.

This image shows how busy the behind the scenes of a club’s goings on can be. While there is a lot going on in it, the scene is not cluttered. The subject is located at the right hand side of the image – on the third on that side. Using two phones simultaneously shows a sense of busyness.

The two screens, with something seen on the far one, shows work being done. Paperwork located beneath the near monitor and the reflection of the back of that monitor help demonstrate this.


“If we get up and then we have to sit back down the seats’ll be wet. We’ve been building up to this all week.. and they played ten minutes.” The 2016 Sunshine Coast Football Premier Men’s Grand Final was washed out after about 10 minutes of play. Woombye were leading one – nil at the time of the stoppage. Kawana won the replay 4 – 2.

This image show two women who have attended a sporting event that has been affected by a weather event. The black yellow and pink garments demonstrate that this weather event had come through.

The people, seating and metal fencing in the background show that the two women were seated in a grandstand. The arrangement of the garments, the phone and postures suggests a casual, slightly disorganised but optimistic demeanour of the people involved.