Hi all

I’ve been using Seedr as a backup for files acquired through BitTorrent. Such files are either freely licensed, in the public domain, or used in compliance with an exemption to the copyright act.

The Seedr service has a higher download, and upload speed than most most consumer internet speeds – at least in Australia. Some places do have comparable, quick download speeds.

Local libraries on the Sunshine Coast – and I image elsewhere – block BitTorrent downloads. Seedr allows users to get around such blocks. Such circumvention is only advised for lawful usage, and dealing.

Seedr provides a free account to everybody all who sign up with 2 gigabytess of space. One can register via your email or Facebook account. They also have paid programs that let you use simultaneous torrents, 160 or 250 gigabytes of space, and many other features which you cannot be access with a free Seedr account.

Seedr is available at


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