Are we going to a July 2 Double disolusion election? 

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The Australian senate has blocked the ABCC legislation. This gives the Prime Minister – Malcolm Turnbull – a trigger for a Double disolusion election. He just needs to ask the Governor General. 

The budget is due to be handed down on May 3. Governor General Peter Cosgrove is expected to be consulted shortly after that. 

Voters in Queensland and Victoria voted out first term Liberal Party led govenments at their most recent state elections. This does not bode well for the federal government. 


Who did Queenslands below the line voters elect?

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I’ve just run put the Below the Line votes from the last senate election in Queensland through OpenSTV.

The results from this render are very different to the official results.

The official results are;

  2. Chris KETTER
  3. James McGRATH
  4. Glenn LAZARUS
  5. Claire MOORE
  6. Matthew CANAVAN

The results from the Below the Line render;

  1. Adam STONE (Greens) — Round 1
  2. Chris KETTER (Labor) — Round 1
  3. Ian MACDONALD (Liberal National) — Round 61
  4. Glenn LAZARUS (Palmer United) — Round 78
  5. Sandra BAYLEY (Greens) — Round 80
  6. James BLUNDELL (Katter’s Australian) — Round 80

Libspill: Why so long?

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I think the Liberals are going over the rules for the leadership spill then voting. I’m expecting the result to be announced any moment now. I haven’t seen or heard anything to change my thinking that Turnbull will win.

ABC News 24 ran a quote from one of the whips saying he feels sorry for Andrew Hastie. It will be interesting to see hast this spill will effect the by-election.

Wikinews ArbCom election all over for another year

Update: The results for the Wikinews ArbCom election were posted in the past few minutes. They can be found over on Wikinews

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Voting was closed this morning for electing the Arbitration Committee (ArbCom) for the English language Wikinews. No votes were added since last night. The members of the Election committee will hopefully consider ratifying the result. This is usually a no surprises ratification with the result already known.

Wikinews ArbComm election wrapping up

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The English language Wikinews Arbitration Committee (ArbCom) election comes to an end at eight o’clock tonight UTC. That’ll be six tomorrow morning my time.

Wikinews uses support only approval voting to elect its ArBCom. The votes so far submitted, if rendered in ballot file format, would look like;

6 6
1 2 3 4 5 6 0
1 1 2 4 5 6 0
1 1 2 3 4 5 0
"William S. Saturn"
"Pi Zero"
"Wikinews ArbComm 2015/16"

As I pointed out in an earlier post, voting in this election is a moot point as there are six candidates seeking six spots.

Wikinews ArbCom election

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It’s now that time of year again when English language Wikinews is holding its Arbitration Committee (ArbCom) election. 

You may of heard of Wikipedia’s ArbCom which takes many cases each year. The Wikinews one is essentially the same except with a couple of differences. 

The first is that the Wikinews version is purely elected – the Wikipedia version is officially appointed. 

The second difference is the number of cases heard. In both cases the ArbCom is the last last resort option of the dispute resolution process. Wikipedia ArbCom has concluded nine cases since January 1 – including one heard in December. Wikinews ArbCom haven’t heard a case in nine five years – that’s years

Consensus on Wikinews seems to be that contributors keep it so an outside force – courts, the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia’s ArbCom – to unduly tell them what is what. 

The 2015 Wikinews ArbCom is currently accepting nominations.