Ashes accreditation and #WeWantDerbyTickets

Hi all

I’m firing this blog back up. As many of you may have seen I’ve been working on the YouTube channel PattmanSport. The channel has taken up most of my non-University time so I’ve not had much time to spend working on this blog.

That being said… I’ll be posting more stuff here as well as over on PattmanSport. First post off the rank – after this post of course – will be an essay on whether Public Broadcasters are still relevant. After that will be match coverage of the Sunshine Coast Reserve grade match between Maroochydore and Nambour. Such sports coverage as you can imagine will be in conjunction with video uploads over at PattmanSport.

In the coming month or so I will be applying for accreditation to the national and internation level in Brisbane. Thus accreditation will include the Ashes test at the Gabba, Big Bash League and Womens Big Bash League games among others.

I’m giving away two double passes to the Roller Derby game between the Coastal Aassassins Roller Derby Assassins and the South Side Roller Girls Killer Bees. Comment on any PattmanSport video to go in the running for one of those.

More content is coming. Be it match reports, interviews, essays, or other content; it’s coming.


Essay: Internet regulation

This essay was submitted as a university assignment for the unit CMN102 Communication Theory and Practice in October 2014.

The internet should not be regulated in any form as it would inhibit the freedom of users to communicate their ideas and actively consume the ideas of others. While it is certainly controversial, internet regulation has a net negative effect on society. This essay uses communication theories to explain why regulating the internet is would be detrimental. Firstly Muted group theory attempts to explain how the communication of non-dominate cultural groups would be unduly interfered with if the internet was regulated. Secondly, Technological Determinism states that technology shapes how people think, produce ideas and communicate with others. Regulating the internet would control what technologies people may use without thought of individual preferences. Finally, Rules Theory discusses how people understand communication based on cultural background. These theories help explain why internet regulation would have a negative effect on society.

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