Network Ten in voluntary administration, what of the regional affiliations?

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As you may have seen reported in the news Network Ten has gone into voluntary administration. The Network has a $200 million loan that will no longer be garenteed by two of it’s share holders.

What does this mean for it’s regional affiliates?

There are reports that Ten plans to operate as normally as possible. If this occurs, not much will change for the affiliates – Win and TDT Tasmania. If not, Win will have to find another source of programming. TDT is also affiliated with Seven so it may ditch the Ten affiliation altogether.

Could we see more local sport on TV?

Win currently broadcasts a local news bulletins into each of it’s coverage areas. It also produces a national news bulletin with stories from the local bulletins.

As you can imagine I’m in two minds on this. It’s clearly a bad thing as people may lose their jobs. But it also put’s me in a position where I may be supplying content to Win. If I had it my way, the employees of Ten would keep their jobs and I would be supplying programming to Win.

If you’ve read the last paragraph and gone ‘what the?’ I produce sports coverage over on the PattmanSport Youtube channel. This includes the above video.

Ten says it’s well on it’s way to raising the money through reduced broadcast licence fees and cheaper content deals. It may survive this, it may not.


Are we going to a July 2 Double disolusion election? 

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The Australian senate has blocked the ABCC legislation. This gives the Prime Minister – Malcolm Turnbull – a trigger for a Double disolusion election. He just needs to ask the Governor General. 

The budget is due to be handed down on May 3. Governor General Peter Cosgrove is expected to be consulted shortly after that. 

Voters in Queensland and Victoria voted out first term Liberal Party led govenments at their most recent state elections. This does not bode well for the federal government. 

Libspill: Why so long?

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I think the Liberals are going over the rules for the leadership spill then voting. I’m expecting the result to be announced any moment now. I haven’t seen or heard anything to change my thinking that Turnbull will win.

ABC News 24 ran a quote from one of the whips saying he feels sorry for Andrew Hastie. It will be interesting to see hast this spill will effect the by-election.

Libspill: I’m giving them 15 to 20 minutes

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The Liberal Party MPs and senators are inside the spill meeting. I’m expecting them to take between 15 to 20 minutes.

As to the result, I think Malcolm Turnbull will win the ballot. This will mean that Australia effectively has a new Prime Minister.

I’m witnessing the Libspill via ABC News 24. The media look like they are lined up for a big announcement – hopefully that’s what they get. An Abbott win would be a bit anticlimactic.